Dear me,

You are enough, and you always will be. You are beautiful, smart and strong. Never grant anyone the power to make you believe otherwise.  Do not be afraid of growth. Evolving is such a beautiful process, and the results are breathtaking.  Looking back is unnecessary since you are not going that direction. Do not beat yourself up on past mistakes, because those same mistakes made you the woman you are today. Stop holding on to people and things that do not bring you genuine joy. Love yourself with all you have, because no one else can love you the way you love you. Be kind to yourself, because you are your own best friend. Always be patient with God’s timing for he knows your ultimate limits. Allow those who truly love you to keep you afloat. Crying does not make you less of a woman, but giving up on yourself does. Set time aside to spoil you. Be your own hype man. Be good to your body for it’s your temple, and your mind is your crown. Never compromise your character for those who you intimidate. Keep your faith strong. Love yourself.




Posted by:MindMyMelanin

Black Mental Health Matters

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