A few days ago, I was graced to have had the opportunity of conversing with one of my readers regarding. First and foremost, I am still in awe that one of my readers reached out to me! That alone is enough reassurance that MindMyMelanin is impacting lives. People are reading. But more importantly they are relating. My reader (who will continue to remain anonymous) disclosed that she has suffered from panic disorder and Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) for several months now. She also disclosed that at times she does not feel “in control”.


T   E   L   L       M   E       A   B   O  U    T       I   T                 




Needless to say, her and I ended up buried in conversation regarding self-care. We discussed topics such as anxiety triggers, what her symptoms consisted of, and insight discrepancies on what it is like not having both your mind and body “in sync”. When my reader stated in sync, I wanted to know what that meant to her. So out of curiosity, I asked kindly to please . Her response was: ” It’s like my mind and body are following two different agendas”. (anonymous)  At that moment I knew exactly how she felt. One might question what my reader meant by in sync? What she means by in sync is having your mind and body on the same path. This concept alone may not present as elementary to digest for those suffering from a mental illness, as it may be for someone who isn’t. Digest that.







  1. the state of being free from illness or injury.
    “he was restored to health”
    • a person’s mental or physical condition



If you truly read the definition listed above, (some of you may overlook) please take into consideration that the definition of health embodies both physical and mental elements. Our minds and bodies are interconnected. In fact, the two of them serve a purpose to conduct with each other versus against.  However that is not always the case now is it? You cannot have good mental health without having good physical. And vice versa. If you are ever finding yourself lost about if your mind and body are not “in sync” I have added self-care tips for you to practice. Even I try these techniques on a regular. I hope you find my tips helpful!


S  E  L  F  –  C  A  R  E     I  S     S  E  L  F     L  O  V  E


  1.  Eat breakfast- oatmeal, fruits, yogurt, pancakes etc.
  2. SLEEP MORE! Sleep restores your body to homeostasis (baseline)
  3. Exercise more- at least 30 minutes a day. Go walking, jump rope, hiking, etc
  4. Practice daily affirmations to yourself
  5. TALK TO SOMEONE- family, friends, or even me!
  6. Stay away from foods high in caffeine and sugars- this tends to increase anxiety
  7. Try breathing exercises- Download breathing apps or practice deep breaths
  8. YOGA- enough said!
  9. Journaling- write down your anxious feelings on paper helps reduces your anxiety
  10. Go to your happy place- Literally visit somewhere that makes you cheer up!
  11. Unplug from social media- Taking a break can help refocus your energy
  12. Avoid triggers- If you know them, be proactive and avoid them if possible







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