As we exchange our fanny packs for backpacks, flip-flops for tennis shoes, and cell phones for calculators; the shift between summer and fall seasons commence. As scholars prepare for summer’s cessation, school leaders anticipate the academic year’s commencement. No matter your role as a parent, educator, principal, mentor, administrator, school nurse, counselor, or loved one; you all hold impactful knowledge. And no matter the scholars’ age, they need your guidance… Whether they know it or not. 

Speaking from past experience, I wish there were mindful “Cliff Notes” looming throughout my schooling years. Or at least hints that could have saved me from constant melt-downs. Even with family and loved ones accessible around the clock, I still found myself needing additional help. I could have avoided considerable amounts of tears, sleepless nights, stress, and unnecessary spending. But then again my present day self would have fallen short of perseverance. So let’s just call it a draw! But in all seriousness, I know this may not be the circumstance for every scholar. Being a student is far from stress-free. Scholars are faced with real concerns both academically and mentally. With the steady increase of academically-related catastrophes and pressures, it is essential that we as a community practice healthy and consistent mental health maintenance. 

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have a mindful syllabus, with applicable mental health tips and guides? I mean, the only thing in the syllabus that scholars cared about were due dates and grading breakdowns. This way you knew precisely how many exams and quizzes you could bomb, while still passing the course. I cannot be the only one who did that right? So to the scholars, parents, and educators who find themselves needing a mindful syllabus, and extra “Cliff Notes” we hear you loud and clear. So with that being said we’d like to introduce you to MindMyMelanin’s “Mindful Student Series”. 

The purpose of The Mindful Student Series is to aid as a mental health guide for scholars, parents, and educators. Think of this series as a Back-to-School guide, with a focus on mental health. We will discuss, educate, and address mental health stressors that play a huge role in scholars’ academic careers. From this moment on, every parent, scholar, loved one, and educator is now a student throughout our Mindful Student Series. 

Now that we are all present… Class is now in session! 



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Black Mental Health Matters

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