Brittany Kellman

Creator of MindMyMelanin

First and foremost, thank you for finding your way to our page. My name is Brittany Kellman, and I am the creator and founder of MindMyMelanin. Here is a little background history about myself: I am a 26 year-old Caribbean/Latina women who loves helping others! In 2016, I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.S in Bio-Behavioral Health and a minor in Human Development Family Studies. My major is an interdisciplinary major which focuses on biology, psychology, and sociology. My major also focused on health disparities in minority communities. As a woman of color, representation matters. People of different ethnic backgrounds, do not have access to same resources as majority populations, thus playing a significant role on our mental health. I allowed myself to suffered in silence for over five years with anxiety and depression. Enough was enough.  In March of 2017 MindMyMelanin was created. I  wanted to find a positive coping outlet for me and those in my shoes, and this was my opportunity.  Thank you

Ashley Stoute

Senior Editor and PR

Ashley Stoute is a young woman born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She is passionate about people and loves to help people in any way that she can. Ashley has a heart for young people and uses every opportunity that she gets to connect with them working as a middle school librarian and at her local church. At her local church, she also volunteers on the finance team and she is the CFO of a small black owned business. Currently, Ashley is working towards obtaining a Bachelors Degree with a concentration on Accounting. Ashley has witnessed and handled mental health issues with friends and family for many years, and is passionate about knowledge being spread about these issues.

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