Who We Are

Brittany’s Story:

First and foremost, thank you for finding your way to our page. My name is Brittany Kellman, and I am the creator and founder of MindMyMelanin. Here is a little background history about myself: I am a 25 year-old Caribbean Hispanic women who loves helping others! In 2016, I graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a B.S in Bio-Behavioral Health and a minor in Human Development Family Studies. My major is an interdisciplinary major which focuses on biology, psychology, and sociology. My major also focused on health disparities in minority communities. As a woman of color, representation matters. People of different ethnic backgrounds, do not have access to same resources as majority populations, thus playing a significant role on our mental health. I allowed myself to suffered in silence for over five years with anxiety and depression. Enough was enough.  In March of 2017 MindMyMelanin was created. I  wanted to find a positive coping outlet for me and those in my shoes, and this was my opportunity.  Thank you

Meet Ashley Kellman:

Ashley Kellman is a young woman born and raised in Brooklyn NY. She is passionate about people and loves to help people in any way that she can. Ashley has a heart for young people and uses every opportunity that she gets to connect with them working as a middle school librarian and at her local church. At her local church, she also volunteers on the finance team and she is the CFO of a small black owned business. Currently, Ashley is working towards obtaining a Bachelors Degree with a concentration on Accounting. Ashley has witnessed and handled mental health issues with friends and family for many years, and is passionate about knowledge being spread about these issues.

Meet Diana Spencer:

 Diana Spencer was born and raised in Jamaica Queens, NY. She comes from a Caribbean and Hispanic background. Her father is Ecuadorian born, and the son of a Jamaican. Her mother was also born in Ecuador. Diana has worked in Behavioral Health for 6 years at Holliswood Hospital, where she was able to interact with children, adolescents, and adults with psychiatric needs. Working as an admitting clerk she ensured the patients and their families’ care was number one priority. Diana has also worked as a Skill-Builder and respite care worker for the Jewish Child Care Association; where she worked closely with social workers by providing services in the home for adolescents and their families. Diana’s love for mental health expanded which then encouraged her to return to school to find a career working with others and making a difference!  In 2015 she decided to return back to college at Nassau Community College in Garden City, NY where she completed several courses in Human Services. In 2016  Diana decided to further her education as well as career opportunities by moving to Northern Virginia. It has been quite a journey for her, but despite all of the back and forth her passion for helping others has been undefeated! Diana loves to listening and understand various points of views from all persons she encounters. When she has free time, Diana loves being outdoors. She finds activities such as visiting parks, rivers, lakes, or even just driving through the Shenandoah skyline relaxing.

“It helps me remember that I can do anything I put my time and mind to!