She Who Lets Go

Each year I hear people say “New year new me.” But by the end of the first month, they’ve already subconsciously fallen back into their stale ways. Whether it be unhealthy eating habits, poor money management skills, enabling toxic relationships, or the absence of self-care regimens. We’ve all done it. But for me 2019 was […]

The Mindful Student Series

As we exchange our fanny packs for backpacks, flip-flops for tennis shoes, and cell phones for calculators; the shift between summer and fall seasons commence. As scholars prepare for summer’s cessation, school leaders anticipate the academic year’s commencement. No matter your role as a parent, educator, principal, mentor, administrator, school nurse, counselor, or loved one; […]


If someone were to ask you to list and describe things that trigger you, how would you answer? Would you disclose how immensely irate you become at the sight of black injustice? Would you disclose how the smell of Gucci Guilty cologne makes your eyes constrict and water instantaneously? Would you disclose how growing-up with […]